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Since 2006, Finamatrix is Risk-Cybernetics™ — a leader in A.I., receiving Best AI Technology Firm 2018 & Most Innovative Proprietary Technology from UK Acquisition International Global Media.

FIX, a cryptocurrency token, is the world’s first risk management blockchain project. FIX offers access to a comprehensive AI portfolio and integrated solutions from the most outstanding blockchain projects all over the world for institutions and governments.

Since September 2017, Finamatrix (symbol: FIX) is publicly listed on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and is tradeable via Blockchain with BTC/USD/EUR and other digital coins.

Finamatrix is a machine-learning big data risk specialist that offers crowdsourced AI technologies integrated with Waves Blockchain to reduce Selection Bias for greater Predictive Power in decision-making on any asset. Specifically, it answers the question: What, When and How much to buy or sell?

Finamatrix is an AI firm + AI Aggregator (Cybernetics) that empowers people with AI to achieve their financial objectives via network value + bonuses.


Finamatrix AI Aggregator crowdsources from the financial intelligence community and issues the Finamatrix (FIX) token. The FIX token is backed by 100% highly liquid assets that can be converted into cash equivalents within 24 hours.

Ownership of FIX token empowers you with AI-driven Asset Portfolios with seamless and secure Blockchain execution in seeking mispriced assets for arbitrage and hedging profit opportunities.

Buy FIX.
Access AI Assets.
Gain value+bonus*.
Sell in exchanges or redeem* for cash.
*conditions apply.

Meet our Team:

2 thoughts on “FiNAMATRIX AI

  1. buenas tardes?
    estoy interesado en invertir en finamatrix pero no se como.
    estaba mirando un poco la plataforma pero no se mucho.


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