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Finamatrix (since 2006) is a leading A.I. company that provides robust financial risk control technologies (Risk-Cybernetics™ – voted Best A.I. Tech Firm 2018 in Hedge Fund Awards from UK AI Global Media) to create sustainable returns. The token issued by the company is called FIX. FIX is used to pay for the services provided by Finamatrix. FIX runs on Waves Blockchain, and the demand for FIX increases with the company’s growth. Finamatrix recently won the Top-Performing Multi-Strategy Fund Investors Choice Award by Allocator (with CNBC as the exclusive broadcaster).

Tokens are a new tool for transferring value and possess the function of smart contracts or electronic attachments of conditions to facilitate repeating transactions, saving accounting and legal fees. Bitcoin has no team responsibilities, its value system relies on tech developers, and is easily controlled by them for their own interests. FIX value system is between company and customers, totally for customer benefit.

Finamatrix provides profits for its customers and will earn performance fees (US$) as corporate income. The income of the company will automatically convert into FIX tokens. In the stock market, the average daily volume (liquidity) is less than 1% of the company’s market value. Consequently, the price of FIX tokens can only rise when FIX tokens are limited.

FIX is the world’s first financial risk management blockchain project. FIX token is used to pay for A.I. services.

Finamatrix is a machine-learning big data risk specialist that offers crowd-sourced A.I. technologies integrated with Waves Blockchain to reduce Selection-Bias for greater Predictive-Power in financial markets.

Finamatrix is an A.I. Firm + A.I. Aggregator (Cybernetics) that empowers people by providing access to our A.I. to achieve their financial objectives.


Buy FIX tokens.
Invest in A.I. Portfolio.

Gain value+bonus*.
Sell in exchanges and/or receive* cash.
*conditions apply.

Meet our Team

2 thoughts on “FiNAMATRIX A.I.

  1. buenas tardes?
    estoy interesado en invertir en finamatrix pero no se como.
    estaba mirando un poco la plataforma pero no se mucho.


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