Technology is transforming the finance industry. Finamatrix stands at the forefront of this transformation, creating #1 Risk-Cybernetics in NASDAQ-100, servicing a 15 trillion dollar market via any broker. With the leading risk-tech IPO, you can become the catalyst for this transformation. The NASDAQ-100, representing the top 100 tech firms, has grown by 18% a year on average for the past decade.

5 steps to financial independence with no capital. The only platform that helps members achieve financial empowerment and freedom with zero investment.

1) Get your unique referral link.
2) Earn points by referring new members (for free).
3) Convert points into tradable tokens.
4) Exchange tokens for stock options* in the IPO.
5) Realize profits on the stock exchange.

Refer >10 members, share value >$100*
Refer >100 members, share value >$10,000*
Refer >1000 members, share value >$1,000,000*

*T&C apply. Priority given to top referrers.


And you’ll get free access to the vGRE* tool for NDX trading!

Finamatrix has more than 600,000 blockchain users and was founded since 2006. Risk-Cybernetics™ was developed by Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D., the company’s founder, former Professor and banker, fund manager and computer programmer. Finamatrix was named the Best A.I. Tech Firm in 2018. Based in Singapore, Finamatrix provides customized technical services and other related services.

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