“Finamatrix provides members Financial intelligence & partnerships to achieve life goals.” – Shiann R., Investor & Tech Ambassador.


Finamatrix (Singapore) is the largest #1 NASDAQ-100 risk-tech database (36+ years of data from 1985).

Finamatrix applies Risk-Cybernetics (risk management with self-learning algorithms) on NASDAQ-100 (top 100 companies) servicing a $15 trillion market which has grown by >18% p.a. for the past decade. Finamatrix provides anyone with a smartphone FREE access to our database, earn points, FiX cryptocurrency, and stock options*.

5 steps to financial empowerment with zero investment:

1) Get your unique referral link.
2) Earn points by referring new FREE members.
3) Convert points into tradable tokens.
4) Exchange tokens for stock options* in the IPO.
5) Realize profits on the stock exchange.

Refer >10 members, share value >$100*
Refer >100 members, share value >$10,000*
Refer >1000 members, share value >$1,000,000*

*T&C apply.

Finamatrix performs 1M daily optimizations, 2000+ blockchain TPS, and has 600,000+ blockchain members. Risk-Cybernetics™ was developed by Singaporean Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D., the company’s founder, former Professor and JPMorgan/UBS banker, elected-President (2002/03) of NUS-GSS, NUS research scholar, fund manager, quant, economist, data scientist and programmer. Finamatrix was named the Best A.I. Tech Firm in 2018 and provides customized technical services.

Meet our Team

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