#1 NAS100 risk-tech (database from 1985) partnering Promise Land (mandated lead advisor) and #1 Crude Algae Oil producer Regaia Energy (first & only ISCC certified) representing Next Generation Oil with Boustead (MYX: 2771) as the key institutional shareholder, has >US$50 billion in secured orders, where the algae production process is 400 times more efficient than a tree at removing CO2, offering the #1 ESG crypto $FiX blockchain solution, a green and lucrative solution worth a fortune for the global community.

Image Credit: Chokniti Khongchum/

Featured in ZaoBao, Prestige, Investors Choice, Cointelegraph, Acquisition International,, Yahoo! Finance, Luxury Asia.

Finamatrix applies Risk-Cybernetics (machine-learning risk management that decodes inefficiencies for forecasting) on Nasdaq100 servicing a $15T market which has grown by >18% p.a. Finamatrix provides members FREE access to our database, and generates membership plus algotrading income.

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