FIX-MT4 CopyTrade service with zero lag is provided to online investors. A similar trading strategy to our regulated fund is applied and target monthly return is 3% (or approximately >30% per year @ 10% volatility).

  1. Register here: Alpari Registration (Partner ID: 1235151).
  2. Use HotSpot if you can’t access Alpari.
  3. Upload your ID, proof of address, and bank details in Alpari.
  4. In Alpari, download the Client Registration Form, print, sign, scan and upload in Alpari. Only qualified investors with relevant experience will be approved.
  5. Once your account is verified, you may use your credit/debit card to send to your transitory account a minimum of US$707 (after processing fees, you will have at least US$688 to invest). If you invest above US$1000, you should choose to wire funds from your bank to Alpari’s bank account to save on fees (please include your myAlpari number in your bank wiring instructions for Alpari to match your funds to your account).
  6. Once your funds are received in Alpari, click Alpari FIX-MT4 CopyTrade (min US$688) and then click INVEST.
  7. For the withdrawal of funds, please contact us ( to ensure that your account has no existing trades to avoid losses and extra charges.
  8. For VIP, we have introduced a dedicated VIP CopyTrade service (min US$100K) for a limited time only. Please contact

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