FIX-DEX is FIX token on Waves-DEX (Decentralized Exchange). The value of FIX is based on both fundamental and network values. See FIX Crypto-Valuation Model. View FIX token price (watch out for updates in Facebook).

BUY/SELL FIX on Waves-DEX in USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, Waves, etc.

FIX-DEX is powered by the FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol.

Multi-asset multi-strategy portfolio with target returns of 60% per 12 months at target 10% risk levels (non-guaranteed). Other return-to-risk ratios are possible subject to market conditions.

Jan-Oct 2018 Performance : 62.6% @ 4.4% volatility




FIX-DEX : Objectives

– Decentralized risk management infrastructure.
– Fair access to risk-reduction protocols.
– Volatility-arbitrage portfolio with 1000+ assets.
– Digital option-pricing with big datasets.
– Atomic (small, indestructible) portfolio selection (no bias).
– Instantaneous liquidity & immediate transactions.
– Complete trust-less automated liquid exchange.
– Available universally & highly transparent.
– Total privacy, linked to decentralized ledgers.
– FIX crypto incentives. Both fiat and FIX crypto deposits.
– Zero risk of theft, DDoS attacks, Sybil attacks or interference.
– Responsible KYC/AML procedures to fund account.
– Up to 95% of winning trades from liquidity pool.
– Lowest transaction fees for risk-hedging platform.

The above content is subject to changes while on-going efforts are made to deliver the best results for our VIP members.