FIX-DEX is FIX token in the leading Waves-DEX (Decentralized Exchange registered in Switzerland). FIX token is the payment tool between Finamatrix and its global clients. FIX token is a smart asset with smart contract automated functionalities on Waves blockchain which aims to be turing-complete i.e. exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. FIX token value is a function of both fundamental and network values (crypto-valuation model). A FIX token price of US$25 gives a market capitalization (value) of US$5 billion or greater.

Token Name: Finamatrix
Token Symbol: FIX 
Blockchain: Waves-DEX
Token ID: GS5RfWDS8ytVnxqr7M2pnqeFuu7BpSwGnADTcw23FvbZ

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Reference: A.I Global Media Hedge Fund Awards 2018

Finamatrix (Fi) is a symbol of Financial intelligence & independence.

FIX VIP members with a valid Waves address may receive USD profit-sharing in their MT4 accounts.

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Finamatrix (FIX) token was created in Sep 2017 and publicly distributed in Waves-DEX on Feb 2018.

TOKEN SUPPLY: 300,000,000 (One FIX token equals one voting right. FIX owners may vote on token issues during quarterly announcements).

Circulating Supply: circa 233,000,000 tokens (Jun 2019)


Bonus Program: A loyalty program based on quarterly financial reports of Finamatrix. Buyers of FIX tokens may receive USD bonus in their MT4 accounts based on the quantity of FIX tokens bought.

Finamatrix shares up to 50% of net increases in portfolio values per financial quarter to support FIX token prices, similar to Central Banks.

The final decision remains with Finamatrix for the best interest of the community and to support business continuity.

Trade FIX tokens in Waves-DEX using USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, Waves, etc.

FIX-DEX is powered by the FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol.

FIX-DEX : Objectives

  • Decentralized financial market risk management infrastructure.
  • Fair access to risk-reduction protocols.
  • Volatility-arbitrage portfolio with 1000+ assets.
  • Digital option-pricing with big datasets.
  • Atomic (small, indestructible) portfolio selection (no bias).
  • Instantaneous liquidity & immediate transactions.
  • Complete trust-less automated liquid exchange.
  • Available universally & highly transparent.
  • Total privacy, linked to decentralized ledgers.
  • FIX crypto incentives. Both fiat and FIX crypto deposits.
  • Zero risk of theft, DDoS attacks, Sybil attacks or interference.
  • Responsible KYC/AML procedures to fund account.
  • Up to 95% of winning trades from liquidity pool.
  • Lowest transaction fees for risk-hedging platform.

The above content is subject to changes while on-going efforts are made to deliver the best results for our members.

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