Expected Target 30%* (Reg. Fund) Net Returns p.a. @ 10%* Risk.

*subject to market conditions; drawdown expectations may differ based on monthly, weekly and daily calculations. Finamatrix is an award-winning tech firm that offers the flagship Singapore Regulated / Licensed ‘PAAM Finamatrix A.I. Fund‘ (investing in this fund directly supports the high-growth sectors of A.I.+CleanTech / Clean Energy, which help alleviate climate change).
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Reference: AI Global Media Hedge Fund Awards 2018
“Restoring Mother Earth to her original clean virgin state,” Lanz Chan, Ph.D.
CNBC as exclusive broadcasting partner.

INVESTMENT STRATEGY (Regulated/Licensed Fund)

After decades of extensive development and robust testing, Finamatrix utilizes the most avant-garde, proprietary A.I. risk-technologies “Risk-Cybernetics” (quantitative, genetic-algorithmic, neural-network optimization automation) that scrutinizes global major/minor currency pairs (Forex/FX), precious metals/commodities, and global stocks/indices (with a CleanTech focus), to detect suitable entry positions for a portfolio with target net returns of 30% per 12 months at target 10% risk levels (weekly, non-guaranteed draw-downs). While strict trailing stop-losses are implemented, unrealized draw-downs may be greater than 10% in real-time subject to market conditions. Based on historical annualized data, the probability of a 10% loss is <0.2%, while a probability of a 20% loss is <0.01%. The average trade duration is less than 24 hours and the sub-strategies implemented include but not limited to are: mean-reversion, statistical-arbitrage, delta-neutral. On a daily-basis, Finamatrix strives to enhance the machine-learning module (driven by FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol) so as to create further sustainable returns. Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Above Performance & Statistical Analysis Table displays Gross Returns before Fees for the past 5 years. Since 2019, the expected returns have been reduced due to the reduction of the average leverage usage of less than 10. For Year 2013 gross return was 150% and for Year 2014 gross return was 121%. See below table extracted from without statistical analysis. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

SNAPSHOT of Jan-2018 to Aug-2018 returns of 60% at 10% volatility.

Jan-Oct 2018 Performance : 62.6% @ 4.4% volatility

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