FIX Index

The FIX Index represents investments in quality Blockchain, A.I. related assets and other liquid assets. Since 2017, we offer the FIX Fund, a diversified, stable-growth, value investment Blockchain AI fund for institutions to gain exposure and diversification to this new space.

Since 2006, Finamatrix offers managed accounts (AI-driven Finamatrix Quant Fund) and since 2017, the FIX index is mirrored by both the FIX fund and the FIX token, which is tradable as FIX/USD, FIX/EUR, FIX/BTC and against other currencies on

The FIX token is a cryptocurrency which has no minimum investment and comes with a 100% refund policy backed by the 3B-mechanism.


The following is our past unaudited performance of our managed accounts for reference only.