8-Steps to Passive Income Targeting 60%* Returns p.a. @ 10%* Risk

Finamatrix is an award-winning tech firm that offers FIX-MT4 PAMM fund with minimum 688 USD, and also a regulated / licensed fund with minimum 100,000 USD. Both target 60% returns p.a.

Exclusive Online Business by #1 AI Tech Firm 2018.
Earn potential capital gains & unlimited pooled commissions.

Fi is Finamatrix intelligence / Financial independence. “FIX” is Finamatrix token.

Since 10 Oct 2018, Finamatrix offers the institutional FX Quant Fund to FIX members via MT4 copy trade / PAMM. Earn Passive Income with Exclusive AI-Driven Investments in FX, Commodities, Stocks, Blockchain/Crypto, etc. for our Growing 53,000+ FIX Community. Only FIX token members with a valid Waves Account address will receive profit-sharing.

*subject to market conditions.


  1. Start an account at Waves-DEX (download Waves Wallet APP android / iOS).
  2. Please click HERE to register for FIX tokens (min SGD 1,000). If you already own FIX, click HERE to receive FIX bonus/airdrops (only need to register once). View FIX Crypto-Valuation Model. Await our email receipt.
  3. If FIX is sold out from Finamatrix, the only way to obtain FIX is to BUY/SELL from Waves-DEX in the open market. Learn to trade on Waves-DEX. Prices of FIX can be found in Waves-DEX, Crypto-Bridge DEX, and periodically collated in Blockfolio, Coinranking, Coingecko, etc.
  4. With growing demand for FIX-MT4 Copy Trade, we have decided to use Alpari, a 20-year old FX brokerage, where client funds are pooled together in segregated accounts with zero slippage. Please see Alpari: Safety of Funds where each complaint is insured by 20,000 EUR.
  5. Start Alpari account with our Partner ID (1235151) so that all fees will go to our pool of funds and shared among all partners.
  6. Then email us at your myAlpari ID and instantly become a partner and earn profit-sharing by referring new partners to this websiteThe % of profit-sharing is based on the number of FIX tokens owned and total investment size in FIX-MT4 from the partner’s total network (see below table). Partners just have to email us your new partner list with their names & myAlpari IDs. Profit-sharing % changes every 30-day cycle depending on the total pool size. See Alpari partner program.
  7. After funding your Alpari account (multiple cheap electronic methods for deposit & withdrawal of funds. For Bank Transfer, after submitting details, click INVOICE in Alpari for instructions), click INVEST (Current Performance) (then “Invest Funds”) to park your funds in the pooled fund. The minimum is currently set at 688 USD (minimum 10 USD for subsequent top-ups). Only 20% monthly profit-sharing fee. No other fees.
  8. Please join our online WhatsApp: FIX-MT4 Trading Sessions (spammers will be banned). Login to and/or download phone apps “Alpari Mobile” & “Alpari Invest” to monitor your accounts.

Please view FIX-FUND-PDF / email

Join our online LIVE TRADING Masterclass @ Event Registration

FIX PARTNER COMPENSATION : Indicative Calculations (Partners get up to 10% in addition to the 60% target returns p.a. for marketing FIX)


SNAPSHOT of Jan-2018 to Aug-2018 returns of 60% at 10% volatility.


Review Back-Test Reports.

Voted Best AI Tech Firm 2018 in Hedge Fund Category, Finamatrix is launching the World’s First Global Hybrid Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Technology Fund (Regulated) with back-tested expected target returns of >50% p.a. at <10% vols. We also invest in exclusive investments offering potentially extremely high returns at low risk and also provide exclusive family office wealth services for some of the top families in the world.

We seek to work with regulated crypto exchanges for the world’s first financial markets risk-management blockchain project, FIX cryptocurrency.


Both the FIX Fund (regulated) and FIX Token (accredited investors) mirror the FIX Index. The FIX Fund (High-Quality High-Tech investments in Crypto, FX, Futures, ETFs, etc.) is for institutional investors. Please contact FUND @ FINAMATRIX.COM. Purchasers of the FIX token MUST have read and agreed to the following.


TOKEN SUPPLY: 300,000,000 (One FIX equals one voting right. FIX owners may vote on token supply issues and other issues during quarterly announcements).

ICO PUBLIC ISSUE: 250,000,000
Circulating Supply: circa 230,000,000 tokens (1 Oct 2018)
Founder Team & Partners: <20% of total tokens.

FIX Tokens have started trading at a base price of 0.10 USD or equivalent value.
Finamatrix has received $100 million investment commitment for FIX Fund.


  1. Visit to start a new account.
  2. Transfer or Buy Bitcoin / ETH / USD / EUR / WAVES to/in your waves wallet.
  3. In waves wallet (see diagram below), click WAVES/BTC to buy some Waves using Bitcoins. You will need 0.003 waves (less than a few cents USD) per transaction.
  4. Then in the top left menu, type in Finamatrix and check ID: GS5RfWDS8ytVnxqr7M2pnqeFuu7BpSwGnADTcw23FvbZ.
  5. To buy FIX, in Finamatrix Sell Orders, please click the sell order with the price that suits you, then complete your buy order by checking the amount and click BUY.
  6. After successful purchase, you immediately receive FIX tokens in your wallet and it is immediately tradeable in Waves DEX (and other exchanges in future).

Token Name: Finamatrix
Symbol: FIX
Token ID (Verified here in Waves Verified Assets):

Please double-check the Token ID before buying the correct token.


Bonus Program: a loyalty program based on quarterly financial reports of Finamatrix. All the buyers of FIX tokens in terms of quantity (pro-rata basis) will receive bonus FIX tokens as a form of a bonus. Finamatrix shares up to 50% of net increases in portfolio values per financial quarter to support FIX token prices and for FIX bonuses. For example, if portfolio value increases by 20% after one financial quarter, we can give up to half of 20% which is 10% in the form of FIX tokens or support the FIX token price for our token buyers. This bonus program may change in the future so as to increase the value of FIX and to benefit the FIX community. The final decision remains with Finamatrix.

Buyback Program: a 100% refund policy (principal-protected) that is based on quarterly financial reports of Finamatrix. At the end of each fiscal quarter of the firm, FIX token owners can apply to refund their tokens for Bitcoins (or their buy-in currency) at their cost price (at ICO from Finamatrix) if the price of FIX token is lower than their cost price. Owners must apply to official email ( for a refund and subject to verification will receive the refund. Note: to simplify matters, our developers have decided to use the 3B-mechanism to manage FIX prices at 0.10 USD or above average ICO prices so that our clients have zero downside and only potential upside. This buyback program or refund policy may change in the future so as to increase the value of FIX and to benefit the FIX community. The final decision remains with Finamatrix.