3-Steps to Access 60%* Target Returns p.a. @ 10%* Risk.

A hypothetical growth of $10K to $1M in 10 years.

Register for FIX tokens for life-time membership and expect to boost your finances in a Scientific way. Finamatrix is an award-winning tech firm that offers FIX-MT4 PAMM and also a regulated / licensed fund.

*subject to market conditions; drawdown expectations may differ based on monthly, weekly and daily calculations.


After decades of extensive development and robust testing, Finamatrix utilizes the most avant-garde, proprietary A.I. risk-technologies “Risk-Cybernetics” (quantitative, genetic-algorithmic, neural-network optimization automation) that scrutinizes global major/minor currency pairs (Forex/FX), precious metals/commodities, and global stocks/indices, to detect suitable entry positions for a portfolio with target returns of 60% per 12 months at target 10% risk levels (weekly, non-guaranteed draw-downs). While strict trailing stop-losses are implemented, unrealized draw-downs may be greater than 10% in real-time subject to market conditions. Based on historical annualized data, the probability of a 10% loss is <0.2%, while a probability of a 20% loss is <0.01%. The average trade duration is less than 24 hours and the sub-strategies implemented include but not limited to are: mean-reversion, statistical-arbitrage, delta-neutral. On a daily-basis, Finamatrix strives to enhance the machine-learning module (driven by FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol) so as to create further sustainable returns. Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Above Performance & Statistical Analysis Table displays Gross Returns before Fees for the past 5 years. For Year 2013 gross return was 150% and for Year 2014 gross return was 121%. See below table extracted from without statistical analysis. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Earn potential capital gains & unlimited pooled commissions as a marketing partner. Fi is Finamatrix intelligence / Financial independence. “FIX” is Finamatrix token.

Since 10 Oct 2018, Finamatrix offers the institutional Finamatrix A.I. Fund to FIX members via MT4 copy trade / PAMM. Earn Passive Income with investments in FX, Commodities, etc. Only FIX token members with a valid Waves Account address will receive profit-sharing.

  1. Start an account at Waves-DEX (download Waves Wallet APP android / iOS). Please click HERE (TERMS) to register for FIX tokens. If you already own FIX, click HERE to receive FIX bonus/airdrops (only need to register once). View FIX Crypto-Valuation Model. Await our email receipt. If FIX is sold out from Finamatrix, the only way to obtain FIX is to BUY/SELL from Waves-DEX in the open market. Learn to trade on Waves-DEX. Prices of FIX can be found in Waves-DEX, Crypto-Bridge DEX, and periodically collated in Blockfolio, Coinranking, Coingecko, etc. With growing demand for FIX-MT4 Copy Trade, we have decided to use Alpari, a 20-year old FX brokerage, where client funds are pooled together in segregated accounts with zero slippage. Please see Alpari: Safety of Funds where each complaint is insured by 20,000 EUR.
  2. Start Alpari account with our Partner ID (1235151) so that all fees will go to our pool of funds and shared among all partners. Then email us at your myAlpari ID and instantly become a partner and earn profit-sharing by referring new partners to this websiteThe % of profit-sharing is based on the number of FIX tokens owned and total investment size in FIX-MT4 from the partner’s total network (see below table). Partners just have to email us your new partner list with their names & myAlpari IDs. Profit-sharing % changes every 30-day cycle depending on the total pool size. See Alpari PAMM Auxiliary Partner.
  3. After funding your Alpari account (multiple cheap electronic methods for deposit & withdrawal of funds. For Bank Transfer, after submitting details, click INVOICE in Alpari for instructions), click INVEST (Current Performance) (then “Invest Funds”) to park your funds in the pooled fund. Only 20% monthly profit-sharing fee. No other fees. Login to and/or download phone apps “Alpari Mobile” & “Alpari Invest” to monitor your accounts.

SNAPSHOT of Jan-2018 to Aug-2018 returns of 60% at 10% volatility.

Jan-Oct 2018 Performance : 62.6% @ 4.4% volatility

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