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Since 2006, Finamatrix leads in financial risk management technologies, specifically inventing Risk-Cybernetics™ – voted Best A.I. Tech Firm 2018 in Hedge Fund Awards from UK AI Global Media.

Since September 2017, Finamatrix (Token symbol: FIX) is publicly listed on Waves Decentralized Exchange (Waves-DEX) and is tradeable via Blockchain with BTC, USD, etc.

FIX is a crypto-currency token – the world’s first financial risk management blockchain project. FIX token is used to pay for A.I. services in our A.I. portfolio.

Finamatrix is a machine-learning big data risk specialist that offers crowd-sourced A.I. technologies integrated with Waves Blockchain to reduce Selection-Bias for greater Predictive-Power for trading in financial markets.

Finamatrix is an A.I. Firm + A.I. Aggregator (Cybernetics) that empowers people by providing access to our A.I. to achieve their financial objectives via network value + bonuses.


Buy FIX tokens.
Access A.I. Portfolio.

Gain value+bonus*.
Sell in exchanges and/or receive* cash.
*conditions apply.

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