SINGAPORE / Founded in 2006, Finamatrix is the #1 NAS100 risk-tech (database from 1985 for FORECASTING NAS100, BITCOIN, EURUSD & GOLD), and has partnered with the #1 Crude Algae Oil producer Regaia Energy (ISCC-certified) with Boustead (MYX: 2771), oil majors and key governments as investors, serving 50 million traders with $FIX crypto (max supply of 50 million only).

THE PATH TO NET ZERO. TRULY CARBON-NEGATIVE. ALGAE ABSORBS UP TO 400X MORE CO2 THAN TREES. LOW-COST ALGAE BIOFUEL TO REPLACE FOSSIL FUELS. $FIX crypto is the GLOBAL STANDARD in CRUDE ALGAE OIL PRICES. 1 $FIX can exchange for 1 metric ton of crude algae oil (delivery and storage costs borne by buyer and subject to minimum order quantity). JOIN OUR EARLY-BIRD SPECIALS & EXPECT EXCITING RETURNS from our major listings!

As featured in ZaoBao, Prestige, Investors Choice, Cointelegraph, Acquisition International,, Yahoo! Finance, Luxury Asia.

Finamatrix generates membership, training, and algotrading income for the benefit of our members. We offer the PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN NASDAQ-100 RISK DATA & ANALYTICS.

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