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Finamatrix (since 2006) is the #1 risk-cybernetics firm in sustainable investing for members, starting as low as US$10 where our 600,000+ members gain access to the NASDAQ-100 trading indicator database and can earn attractive referral cashbacks as a secondary source of income. Finamatrix offers proprietary risk-tech in global multi-payment gateways, custodian & security services, trade-tech, hedging and exotics for sustainable growth. Founder & ex-UBS banker ex-Professor Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D., developed Risk-Cybernetics™. Finamatrix was voted Best A.I. Tech Firm 2018. Finamatrix also provides research & development, customized technical algorithmic software (digital codes), vGRE* technical trading indicator, IPO execution, Digital Art NFT, Global FX, Singapore real estate and valuation intelligence.

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NDX: vGRE* Week 2-Aug-2021

Analyzing data from the previous week can shed light on the coming week for NDX with genetic-optimization. Based on vGRE* there was no spike but a dip on Thursday suggests price stability and yet with a potential upside. For the week of 26-Jul-2021 to 30-Jul-2021, there is no breach for vGRE*-CR with no clear signal for a change in price direction; 5 buy/hold signals for the previous week suggests an overall buy/hold strategy for the coming week. [Full Article]

NDX: 1-Jan-21 to 30-Jul-21.