1 $FIX can exchange for 1 metric ton of crude algae oil (delivery and storage costs borne by buyer). Hence $FiX cryptocurrency is the global standard for the base price of crude algae oil (which has gained 45% YTD 2022 as of 10 May 2022) and the market capitalization benchmark of the algae oil industry, making it the #1 ESG crypto (reward token, previously FIXX) partnering with the #1 Crude Algae Oil producer, that permanently records the crude algae oil price. Whereas, FiX cryptocurrency is a membership staking token with voting rights. Both FiX and $FiX cryptocurrencies have a limited 50 million supply each, which services a potential 50 million tech traders based on ad analytics.

From 31-Mar-2022, Crude Algae Oil prices are recorded permanently on the public blockchain on a monthly basis where $FiX crypto is sent from issuer to receiver with the transaction volume equal to the Crude Algae Oil price per metric ton (MT), which matches the description attachment.

This is a crypto-verified ledger, where prices cannot be edited, and represents a base value for $FiX crypto price and market value (MV) as there are only 50M tokens vs a scalable supply of algae oil. $FiX crypto price thus represents the ex-ante (expected) demand for algae biofuel. $FiX also provides access to global settlements, DeFi for mining fees, arbitrage & algotrading opportunities, etc with our growing partnerships.

Crude Algae Oil Price 1-Apr-2022: US$1381/MT – MV: US$69.1B
Crude Algae Oil Price 6-May-2022: US$1607/MT – MV: US$80.3B
Crude Algae Oil Price 3-Jun-2022: US$1624/MT – MV: US$81.2B
Crude Algae Oil Price 1-Jul-2022: US$1269/MT – MV: US$63.5B
Crude Algae Oil Price 1-Aug-2022: US$1364/MT – MV: US$68.2B
Crude Algae Oil Price 1-Sep-2022: US$1345/MT – MV: US$67.3B

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