1 $FIX = 1 metric ton (MT) of Crude Algae Oil (CAO) (subject to MOQ where physical delivery of CAO is performed via licensed entities). $FIX is the ONLY tradable utility token/instrument and global standard (base price) of CAO. CAO has gained >35% YTD as of 1 Nov 2022 with the highest return at >70% this year.

$FIX is the market capitalization benchmark of the CAO industry, making it the #1 ESG crypto (previously FIXX reward token). With our proprietary algorithms, $FIX permanently records the base price of CAO sourced from the leading CAO producers. Whereas Finamatrix (FIX) is a membership staking token with voting rights, both FIX and $FIX have a maximum of 50 million supply each, which services 50 million traders based on ad analytics.

From 31-Mar-2022, CAO prices are recorded permanently on the public blockchain on a monthly basis where $FIX is sent from issuer to receiver with the transaction volume equal to the CAO price per MT, which matches the description attachment.

This is a crypto-verified ledger, where prices cannot be edited, and is the base value for $FIX and market value (MV) or capitalisation. $FIX represents the ex-ante (expected/before the event) demand for CAO. $FIX also provides access to global settlements, DeFi for mining fees, arbitrage & algotrading opportunities, etc with our growing partnerships.


1-Apr-2022: US$1381/MT – MV: US$69.1B
1-May-2022: US$1607/MT – MV: US$80.3B
1-Jun-2022: US$1624/MT – MV: US$81.2B
1-Jul-2022: US$1269/MT – MV: US$63.5B
1-Aug-2022: US$1364/MT – MV: US$68.2B
1-Sep-2022: US$1345/MT – MV: US$67.3B
1-Oct-2022: US$1221/MT – MV: US$61.1B
1-Nov-2022: US$1424/MT – MV: US$71.2B

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Note: Cryptocurrency or token contains valuable information that is transferred on a decentralised network / ledger / database that is verifiable by the public. This results in valuable output (that cannot be edited) and hence crypto has a value attached to it which may fluctuate based on the value of the information that is being transferred.

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