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  1. Access our NDX database and in your own chosen brokerage account, trade NASDAQ-100 (top 100 tech firms) for potential profit with the weekly vGRE*-indicator, where award-winning risk-cybernetics is applied to the GR-Estimator including trading volume and golden-ratio segments as input parameters, computed with genetic-optimization for optimized results. Investors can trade with this indicator and expect to achieve >18% non-leveraged annual returns.
  2. Profit from potential appreciation of FiX tokens (limited supply with growing utility).
  3. Earnings potential from FiX OptionSwap with our IPO or direct listing.
  4. Boost your Linkedin profile with membership and honors.
  5. Discounts for digital art NFTs with potential appreciation.
  6. Be socially conscious with our sustainability & charity efforts.


Start Earning: (Use PROMO code “YourFriend’sName”)

  1. Submit form here: REGISTER for the FiX-Membership.
  2. Check email and download Transferwise to your phone to claim your fee-free transfer of up to 500 GBP.
  3. Set up your WISE account and make payment of min US$10 for FiX token (1 FiX = US$100) to Finamatrix (details provided in email).
  4. Refer a friend and earn up to 50% cashback voucher (transferable) for next purchase (more info available soon).
  5. For enquiries, email:
  • Founded by a team led by ex-Professor Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D. in 2006, Finamatrix is Singapore’s No.1 risk-tech IPO and is the market leader in risk-cybernetics for sustainable investing.
  • Members receive the life-long certificate and join the global network of 600,000+ members.
  • Diversification — Starting from US$10, members receive FiX cryptocurrency (token with potential appreciation due to limited supply and growing utility) that can be used to purchase in-house services by Finamatrix that can add new value for you not just in monetary terms. Current limited memberships are available at US$10 (for a limited quantity and time only. Complimentary membership available for free trial but without tokens).
  • Global tech-investing provides the best returns historically with NASDAQ-100 as the best-performing index. With FiX tokens, members can access NASDAQ-100: vGRE* technical indicator database for ENTRY/EXIT points for an expected >18% annualized return. Members can trade the NASDAQ-100 with this technical indicator for their own potential profits.
  • 1) Start and fund your own NASDAQ-100 trading account in your favorite brokerage, eg. your bank.
  • 2) View our weekly vGRE* trading indicator every Mondays and decide to buy/hold/sell/short NASDAQ-100.
  • 3) Take profit when there is a caution signal or at your desired price level.
  • FiX-Members can boost their Linkedin Profile both in the Experience and Honors sections. In Honors, a member can state “CleanTech & Climate Commitment Honors” and in Experience, a member can state “CleanTech & Climate Commitment Ambassador” with Finamatrix A.I. See: FiX-Membership (Climate Commitment Honors).
  • Members can purchase FiX Digital Art (NFT) at discounts for potential appreciation.
  • Members can exchange FiX tokens with OptionSwaps for IPO shares by Finamatrix for potential returns.
  • From the above, Members can choose the constituents of their new-tech portfolio with FiX tokens to receive new potential value from tokens, NASDAQ-100, NFTs, IPO OptionSwaps, and more while being socially responsible to climate change and sustainable development.

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(Complimentary memberships available for a limited time only)

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USD Payment
Account holder: Finamatrix Ltd
Routing number: 084009519
Account number: 9600 0000 0015 7210 (inside US)
Account type: Checking

Account holder: Finamatrix Ltd
Account number: 8310540111 (outside US)

SGD Payment
Account holder: Finamatrix Ltd
Bank code: 7171
Account number: 88507418637

CleanTech & Climate Commitment Green Raindrop Crystal Trophy (for top 10 members per year) by Finamatrix.NET

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