• CERTIFICATE IN NASDAQ-100 RISK DATA & ANALYTICS: MORE INFO – The leading course in machine-learning dedicated to stock markets, FX, and other financial market data. Become a RISK-DATA ANALYST.
  • No one can predict the future. But now with advanced data analytics, you can increase your chances of success, with less uncertainty, in your financial decisions.
  • Besides as a response to the Financial Modelers’ Manifesto to avoid over-complexity that leads to math-led failures, this course is suitable for all levels as full guidance will be provided for graduation.
  • Learning outcomes include helping analysts and traders boost their financial decisions and career options with avant-garde optimisation techniques. Graduates will be able to develop appropriate risk models applied to financial market data and access global opportunities with an internationally-acclaimed multi-award-winning FinTech firm. Flexible training hours. Online learning is available.
  • Trainer: Dr. Lanz Chan, PhD, Singaporean, 47, ex-UBS banker, licensed fund manager and Professor, has coached more than 5,000 students in universities and in public lectures/programmes and has extensive experience from Macau, Switzerland and Singapore in the gaming and financial forecasting industries. Dr Chan welcomes dialogue on topics related to risks.
  • Apply: enrol@finamatrix.com or submit APPLICATION FORM.

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