Machine-Learning for Forecasting / Automated Market Maker (AMM)

“Nothing is random, just non-deterministic,” by Dr Lanz Chan, PhD, Founder & CEO, Finamatrix.NET

Finamatrix is a technical advisor to institutions for automated algorithmic risk management to increase profit margins. We also provide AMM services for approved Crypto.com projects and earn trading fees.

Technical Paper : FiX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol (now vGRE*) / proprietary research: SSRN / ResearchGate / WIKIPEDIA / BAIKE

Risk-Cybernetics A.I.-Driven Forecasting Technique: MVSK (mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis) Utility Genetic-Optimization Neural-Network 3D-Simulated Efficient Hyperplanes (Relative-Coskewness & Relative-Cokurtosis) account for skew/kurtosis and reduces selection bias to increase predictability with probability statistics.

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