Multi-Payment Gateways & TradeTech with No.1 Risk-Cybernetics A.I.

Finamatrix is an award-winning Risk-Tech firm that is technical advisor to institutions and individuals which supports the high-growth sectors of A.I.+CleanTech / Clean Energy that help alleviate climate change.

Technical Paper : FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol / Our research @ SSRN / ResearchGate / WIKIPEDIA / BAIKE

Our Black Box: MVSK (mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis) Utility Optimization 3D Simulated Efficient Hyperplanes (Relative-Coskewness & Relative-Cokurtosis) account for skew and kurtosis in asset returns and reduces Selection Bias for predictable returns.

  • IPO Details: Upon request
  • Strategy: Risk-Cybernetics A.I.-Driven FX, Global Tech ETFs, etc.

Sample Global-Tech Portfolio:

(Finamatrix constantly monitors all forms of risk including country, bank, brokerage, etc risks for the benefit of clients)

NASDAQ-100 has grown >18% non-leveraged annualized returns for the past 10 years (as of 10 Jan 2021). With A.I. Risk-Cybernetics, expected returns of >18% per year.

Since 2019, the expected returns have been reduced due to the reduction of risk with the average leverage usage of less than 10.

Finamatrix utilizes proprietary A.I. risk-technologies “Risk-Cybernetics” (quantitative, genetic-algorithmic, neural-network optimization automation) to detect suitable entry positions for a portfolio with target net returns of >20% per 12 months at target <10% risk levels (weekly, non-guaranteed draw-downs).

While strict trailing stop-losses are implemented, unrealized draw-downs may be greater than 10% in real-time subject to market conditions. The sub-strategies implemented include but not limited to are: mean-reversion, statistical-arbitrage, delta-neutral. On a daily-basis, Finamatrix strives to enhance the machine-learning module (driven by FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol) so as to create further sustainable returns.

“Restoring Mother Earth to her clean state,” Lanz Chan, Ph.D.

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