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DISCLAIMER: The information here is intended for use by “accredited investors” and “institutional investors” as defined in the Securities and Futures Act of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The products and services described here are available to such aforementioned category of investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

*subject to market conditions; drawdown expectations may differ based on monthly, weekly and daily calculations. Finamatrix is an award-winning Risk-Tech firm that is technical advisor to a fund which supports the high-growth sectors of A.I.+CleanTech / Clean Energy that help alleviate climate change.

Technical Paper : FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol / Our research @ Social Science Research Network / ResearchGate / WIKIPEDIA / BAIKE / Finamatrix is featured in MorningStar and other major databases.

Our Black Box: MVSK (mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis) Utility Optimization 3D Simulated Efficient Hyperplanes (Relative-Coskewness & Relative-Cokurtosis) account for skew and kurtosis in asset returns and reduces Selection Bias for predictable returns.

  • Fund Name: Upon request
  • Strategy: Risk-Cybernetics A.I.-Driven FX, Global Tech ETFs, etc.
  • Fund Manager: Upon request.

Sample Global-Tech Portfolio:

(Finamatrix constantly monitors all forms of risk including country, bank, brokerage, etc risks for the benefit of clients)

NASDAQ-100 has grown >30% per year for past 10 years (as of 10 Jan 2021). With A.I. Risk-Cybernetics, expected returns of >30% per year.

Since 2019, the expected returns have been reduced due to the reduction of risk with the average leverage usage of less than 10. See below table extracted from Allocator.com without statistical analysis.

After decades of extensive development and robust testing, Finamatrix produces an expected return to risk ratio of 3 to 5 times yearly. Finamatrix utilizes the most avant-garde, proprietary A.I. risk-technologies “Risk-Cybernetics” (quantitative, genetic-algorithmic, neural-network optimization automation) that scrutinizes global major/minor currency pairs (Forex/FX), precious metals/commodities, and global stocks/indices (with a CleanTech focus), to detect suitable entry positions for a portfolio with target net returns of 30% per 12 months at target 10% risk levels (weekly, non-guaranteed draw-downs). While strict trailing stop-losses are implemented, unrealized draw-downs may be greater than 10% in real-time subject to market conditions. Based on historical annualized data, the probability of a 10% loss is <0.2%, while a probability of a 20% loss is <0.01%. The average trade duration is less than 24 hours and the sub-strategies implemented include but not limited to are: mean-reversion, statistical-arbitrage, delta-neutral. On a daily-basis, Finamatrix strives to enhance the machine-learning module (driven by FIX Risk-Cybernetics Protocol) so as to create further sustainable returns.

“Restoring Mother Earth to her original clean virgin state,” Lanz Chan, Ph.D.

SNAPSHOT of Jan-2018 to Aug-2018 returns of 60% at 10% volatility.

Jan-Oct 2018 Performance : 62.6% @ 4.4% volatility

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